De Energie Investeringsaftrek 2017

De energie-investeringsaftrek is een regeling waarbij de overheid bedrijven ondersteunt bij investeringen in energiebesparende bedrijfsmiddelen en duurzame energie. Als u als ondernemer gebruik maakt van de energie-investeringsaftrek dan heeft u dubbel voordeel: uw energiekosten gaan omlaag en u betaalt minder belasting. Rekenvoorbeeld: Uw fiscale winst in 2017 bedraagt €500.000. De vennootschapsbelasting is 20% voor de eerste schijf en 25% boven… Read more →

At the forefront of sustainability

  At the forefront of sustainability   Air@Work will introduce there most efficient air handling solution based on indirect adiabatic cooling during the WETEX exhibition in Dubai for the middle east region. The Air@Work cooling solution is a unique concept enabling a EER cooling above 20 and a cooling effectiveness up to 100% which makes the systems world class in… Read more →

Switch Datacenters realiseert upgrade naar Tier 4, implementeert ‘indirect adiabatische koeling’ voor ultra-energiezuinige PUE (1,07)

Switch Datacenters realiseert upgrade naar Tier 4, implementeert ‘indirect adiabatische koeling’ voor ultra-energiezuinige PUE (1,07)   Amsterdam, 23 maart 2016 – Switch Datacenters, aanbieder/operator van carrier-neutrale colocatie services en ‘built-to-suit’ corporate datacenters met eigen datacenters in Amsterdam Zuidoost en Woerden, heeft indirect adiabatische koeling in zijn datacenters geïmplementeerd. De technologie wordt geleverd door het Nederlandse bedrijf Air@Work en zorgt voor… Read more →

One MW cooling assignment for Switch Datacenters

Switch Datacenters awards Air@Work the assignment for one MegaWatt of indirect adiabatic cooling in their datacenter in Woerden NL. Reliable and short payback time “The payback time and the reliability were the decisive factors” tells Gregor Snip of Switch Datacenters. “Not only the installation becomes a lot more energy efficient, also the reliability increases greatly because all the components are… Read more →

Indirect Adiabatic Cooling for Data Centres

ITE Projects Ltd has partnered with Air@Work from the Netherlands to supply and install indirect adiabatic cooling systems for data centres in the UK. The Air@Work system operates with a unique heat exchanger ‘StatiqCooler’, the internal passages have a hygroscopic (water-attracting) layer where evaporation and heat transfer takes place directly at the interface. This process is extremely efficient and will… Read more →

A good climate for the Parnassiaschool in Santport

The Parnassiaschool in Santport is a first for refreshing, heating and cooling air with an innovative climate unit in a school building. The high density of the classrooms leads to a high internal heat load. Because of insufficient ventilation the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) is too high. Refreshing, heating and cooling Producer Air@Work supplies in association with van der Wal… Read more →

Short presentation Air@Work Data Centre World 2015

Are you interested in high energy efficient and environmental friendly indirect adiabatic cooling solutions? On the Data Centre World 2015 Air@Work exposed their adiabatic cooling systems with a live demo! You can use the Air@Work products for cooling datacentres, computer rooms, schools, industrial applications and offices. Did you miss the event and you want to experience the power of evaporating water live with our… Read more →

SmartDC has chosen for compressorless cooling based on StatiqCooling Technology

Smart DC: Dataport of Rotterdam, the main carrier-neutral datacenter in the province of South Holland, further expands it activities and decided to equip their new data suites with the latest cooling technology based on StatiqCooling Technology. The StatiqCooling datacenter cooler provides reliable and energy efficient cooling for the new suites. With a PUEcooling of 1,05. Smart DC belongs to the most energy efficient and… Read more →