Cooled ventilation in a gym

In Deventer, The Netherlands the multi functions building “De Vijfhoek” containing a school, a day-care and two gyms was realized. Three out of the four walls of the gyms are made of glass and the temperature on warm days rose up to 45ºC / 115 ºF. Free cooling alone not bring the required cooling capacity and conventional air conditioning was not an option due to the limited power available. The StatiqCooler offered the solution, with the supply cooled air at a ventilation rate of 5, without significant increase of energy consumption.

The government of Deventer provided a solution by the installation of the StatiqCooler for the gyms which were too warm:

  • Control of the temperature on warm days
  • Acceptable energy consumption and burden on the environment
  • Increase of the usable hours of the gyms