One MW cooling assignment for Switch Datacenters

Switch Datacenters awards Air@Work the assignment for one MegaWatt of indirect adiabatic cooling in their datacenter in Woerden NL.

Reliable and short payback time

“The payback time and the reliability were the decisive factors” tells Gregor Snip of Switch Datacenters. “Not only the installation becomes a lot more energy efficient, also the reliability increases greatly because all the components are carried out in N+1 and the cooling is not depended on a cold water circuit only. Moreover the maintenance of the systems can be carried out by our own maintenance crew whichdecreases the operational costs highly.”

The replacement of the existing cooling installation by the Air@Work compressor-less-cooling-solution will have a payback time of four years because of lower energy and maintenance costs. One MW of conventional cooling system shall be replaced by energy efficient indirect adiabatic cooling systems with a PUE cooling lower than 1.05. In comparison with conventional cooling techniques the system saves up to 90% on energy costs next to a remarkable saving of maintenance costs.