Datacenter Cooler

StatiqCooling’s Counter Flow Enthalpy Exchanger, (or wet bulb cooler) a system consisting of two separate air flows is especially designed for cooling datacenters or computer room with a heavy heat load.
The system can cool any size of datacenter or computer room with indirect adiabatic cooling in compliance with all relevant design standards such as ASHRAE 2011 recommended and BREEAM in all climate zones except tropical areas.
The Unbalanced Counter Flow Enthalpy Exchangers used for datacenter cooling are available in the standard sizes as stated in the table alongside, right column. To make the right choice of air cooling system and size we advise to use our selection program: calculation module
The StatiqCoolers module need to be placed in air handling units together with two fans, filters, water supply and water discharge and an electronic control system. An instruction manual to build and commission an Air Handling Unit with “StatiqCooling Inside” is available upon request.
If you wish further assistance with the selection of your type or size of your cooling system please contact StatiqCooling by:
email: or telephone +31 (0)20 26 00 843.