Wet Bulb Cooling

The cooling process:

  • The StatiqCooler is a heat exchanger that forms the core of an air cooling and heat recovery system.
  • The heat exchanger consists of proprietary plates made of polypropylene. Inside these plates there are air channels,  through which the primary air is blown. The primary airflow can be ambient air, recycled air or a combination of the two.
  • The outside of the heat exchanger plates are covered with a hygroscopic layer, which is externally moisturized by water. Along the hygroscopic layer a second airflow is led by a second fan. This airflow can be ambient air or air from the building to be conditioned. This “scavenger” air flow can be 0% -100% of the primary airflow.
  •  In summer situations, the forced evaporation of the water on the surface of the plates extracts energy and this indirectly cools the air inside the channels.
  • In winter situation the air flows can regenerate energy to warm up make up air. The heat recovery ratio is 65 to 85% depending on the air flow